With professional staffs and modern equipments

About us


Hiep Si Corporation has been one of the leading companies in the plastics industry over the years. The Company specializes in producing plastic household products, packaging for pharmaceutical-cosmetic products and industrial products, especially ultrathin food packaging.

Over past years, Hiep Si Corporation has constantly innovated and upgraded its machineries, applied technology and enhanced its manufacturing operation expertise thus constantly meeting the stringent requirements of its customers in terms of product designs as well as quality.

On top of a manufacturer, the Company always adheres to the criteria of providing the best products, putting quality first, using prestige as its firm support, affirming contribution as targets, and valueing trust of customers as the foundation of its development. 

The Company has been exporting to many countries around the world such as Norway, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada, Russia, Cambodia, Laos, ... 

  • Development Strategy 
  1. Consolidation, construction and development.
  2. Building and development of its professional contingent of management and staff, of sales and engineering units.
  3. Sustainable development of Hiep Si Plastics brand name.
  4.  Investment in business expansion.
  5. Consolidating the systems and product quality.


  • Vision,Mission and Core value:
  1. Becoming the number one manufacturer of plastic products in Viet Nam
  2.  Being committed to bringing products of the best quality, at most reasonable price, and with the most dedicated services to the customers.
  3. Being honest in all conducts and transactions.
  4. Showing due respect to all members of the company, customers, and partners
  5. Complying with all relevant business laws and regulations
  • Business Philosophy:    Hiep Si Corporation strives to becoming the leading manufacturer of plastic products in Vietnam. In that direction, we cogitate that quality and service are the main criteria of Hiep Si Plastics Corporation which views customers as the center and stands committedly ready to meet the needs of our valued customers.
  • Quality Policy:   Continuously and responsibly striving to customers' satisfaction by diversifying our products and services, ensuring highest quality, offering competitive price, and complying with all relevant laws and regulations.